Convert table to scissor-lift desk

I’m a big fan of sit/stand desks. The problem with most options is they scream office desk. A while back my wife bought a good looking table that is the size of a desk (though a bit tall in my opinion). Looking at the underside, I can see how it is put together. Simply a flat top fixed to some boards underneath. Those boards are wedged between cross-braces and the table legs; basic table design. I have an idea on how to covert that design into a somewhat-covert sit/stand desk.

The short of it is to remove the top board from the frame and to build an inner frame on which to affix the top. The two frames would then be joined by way of a scissor lift. I would want to take the functionality of the Woodworking Junky scissor lift combined with the elegance of the DIY Perks motorized monitor lift.

Ideally, it would look like a table until you push the button to raise it. I don’t plan to be converting my wife’s desk an time soon, but perhaps sometime I could work to convert a junk table. I’m sure it will take lots of testing and iterations. If I can make it work, I think it could look good and be functional.

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