Category: Nerdy

  • Convert table to scissor-lift desk

    I would want to take the functionality of the Woodworking Junky scissor lift combined with the elegance of the DIY Perks motorized monitor lift.

  • On plugging into the correct receptical

    I acquired a computer from my former employer. We had an issue with it where the fan would spin up so it sounded like it would take off (and eventually shut itself down). We never figured out the issue and it was eventually sold along with other computers and equipment. I wiped the drive before […]

  • Web layout and design for any device/screen size

    I have been thinking¬† some about how to design and program my website to make it look and work great on both desktop monitors and mobile devices. I’ve tried making a layout that would stretch and shrink, but at a certain point it started doing strange things. I haven’t tried it yet, but I’m wanting […]

  • Hacking up a Linux Server

    A few months ago I installed Linux Mint on my old computer. I’ve always been a Windows guy, but interested in Linux. I also¬†like Apple, but that is another story. I’ve played around with Linux before, but never really got very deep into it. I suppose it has mostly been fear. Fear of not knowing […]