About Me

I am the Noahz.

I am a nerd. I’m the kind of person who is looking at the computers in a movie, trying to figure out the brand, OS (I’ve seen a surprising amount of Windows XP), etc. And finding lots of screens that are not real.

I am married and love my wife. I think of myself as a family man. I love long walks in the woods (when available), watching movies, and just hanging out with my wife.

I love God. The God of the Bible. I try to live my life according to my understanding of how He intends us to live. I try to be the kind of Christian that draws people to God rather than driving them away.

These are the major themes of my life. I will likely be posting primarily on those themes. Though you may see some health themes as well: eating healthy (Primal/Paleo), exercising (biking, hiking, etc.), and more. Expect some other random posts too.